Friday, June 26, 2009

Iranians turn to their own personal "Man in the Mirror"

The shocking impact left on Iran by the death of Pop King Michael Jackson has now caused the nation struggling with rigged elections and a failing democracy to turn the spotlight inside, and focus on their own "Man in the Mirror."

Recently Iran has been in the national spotlight via their twitter account, telling outsiders about the protests and reporting and organizing global protests and demonstrations. But suddenly it has stopped, leading me to believe that Iranians are taking a more personal look, taking some time for self reflection. Their silent tweets demonstrate their settling democracy.

When queried one man said: "Why isn't twitter working?! Everytime I try to tweet to organize a protest to save our democracy it says Twitter is overloaded but all I see are tweets about... oh my god... Michael Jackson died? Well... that's about it for our news coverage..."

More and more shocking news of how Iran is dealing with Michael Jackson's death.

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